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There are additional documents you may wish to include with your written application.

When deciding what to include, bear in mind that the selection panel won't have time to read pages and pages of information. Be selective about what you provide, and only include the best or most relevant documents.

  1. Written references
  2. Work samples
  3. Qualifications

Written references

Although you are asked to provide the names and contact details of at least two work-related referees in your résumé, the selection panel are unlikely to contact them until they have interviewed the shortlisted applicants. Since your aim is to obtain an interview, you may decide to include written references in your application.

Good written references will enhance your application and demonstrate to the selection panel what others think of your abilities, strengths and personal qualities.

If you are going to attach copies of written references there are a number of things you need to think about.

  • Recent references are likely to carry much more weight with the selection panel than those dating back a long time; there is little point in including references that are more than about 3 - 5 years old.

  • Choose work references rather than personal references, as the selection panel is most interested in what previous employers think of your abilities.

  • Make sure that any references you include are very positive and don't say anything which is ambiguous and might be misinterpreted by the selection panel. For example:

    • If a reference says something like '.... was very good at following set procedures', the selection panel might misinterpret this as meaning that you were not good at thinking for yourself and using initiative.

    • Similarly, if a reference says '.... was generally hard working and reliable', this might lead the selection panel to think that for some of the time you were unreliable and didn't apply yourself to the job in question.

    • Don't include too many references; be selective and choose only the best.

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Work samples

Usually, if a job applicant wants to provide the selection panel with samples of their work, they take them to the interview. If the panel wants to see them they can either look at them during the interview or afterwards.

The kinds of work samples you can include in a written application are generally limited to such documents as newsletters, leaflets or flyers, copies of short reports, samples of complex spreadsheets.

If you decide to include a work sample make sure it is:

  • relevant to the selection criteria and the duty statement

  • brief

  • clear to the selection panel what your contribution to the document is: that is, whether you designed it, wrote it, typed it.

  • the best example of your work and that it will impress the panel.

Don't provide more than one or two samples: the selection panel won't have time to look through lots of information. If you're in any doubt, ask the contact person for the job if they would like you to include samples in your application.

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You may wish to provide copies of qualifications achieved, including:

  • formal award courses such as degrees, diplomas, trade certificates.

  • certificates for short courses such as first aid, train the trainer, the national restricted electrical licence.

  • certificates for training courses in the use of computers or software packages.

The question of whether to provide copies of qualifications when you apply for a job is unclear and a lot depends on the preference of the selection panel. Some panels don't want to see them, some like copies to be included in the written application, while others prefer you to take originals along to the interview.

If you are uncertain whether to provide such documents in your written application, consider the following:

  • Rather than overwhelming the panel members with paperwork which they are unlikely to read, you could simply mention in your application that copies of certificates are available on request.

  • If you do decide to attach copies, only include information that is relevant to the selection criteria and the duty statement (such as details of your high school transcript are likely to be of little interest to the panel if you've been in the workforce for some time or have obtained higher qualifications).

  • If in doubt, ask the contact person for the position whether the selection panel require copies.

  • Remember that as an internal applicant you would only need to include details of qualifications gained since joining the University; details of earlier qualifications would have already been submitted.

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