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The University of Western Australia is the State’s premier University of choice for staff and students.

Our excellence in teaching and research is reflected in prestigious international and national award winning staff, including our Nobel Laureate Professor Barry Marshall.

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Why choose UWA

We have strong strategic partnerships with industry, the professions, government and the wider community. The University is home to Australia’s first Confucius Institute, in collaboration with the People’s Republic of China.

Working collaboratively with multiple international institutions in research excellence, we promote staff and student exchanges and share teaching materials and methods.

The University employs more than 3500 staff and has 18,000 students enrolled in campus and offshore programs. We offer broad and balanced coverage of disciplines in the arts, sciences and major professions and continue to attract high-calibre school leavers, and postgraduate students nationally and internationally. A range of commercially orientated professional and technical staff support the University in human resources, finance, information technology and campus management functions.

Annual Report

The University’s annual reports are prepared each year and provide an evaluation of the University’s performance and achievements during the previous year.

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Our values

We consistently pursue the highest levels of achievement, creating the best outcomes possible.

We are honest and ethical and show respect for, and appreciate, each other, our partners and our communities — valuing our differences.​

We are constantly, and creatively, improving and adapting.

We share our collective intelligence to achieve more.

We are committed to providing everyone at UWA equality of opportunity, experience and access.

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Staff benefits

The University offers an attractive and flexible range of benefits to academic, professional and general staff, including:


UWA’s links with the community continue to grow through the activities of our schools and centers and the continuing generosity of groups and individuals who provide advisory, teaching or research support, or endowments, bequests and other gifts. All these benefit the University and ultimately the State of Western Australia.

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