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Talent Unit (M350)

55 Broadway
Ground Floor
Crawley, Perth
Western Australia 6009
Office hours
9:00am to 5:00pm

Current and Prospective Staff Assistance

Nel, Dr Johan Associate Director HR, Talent Acquisition, Organisational Development, Workforce Diversity +61 8 6488 3502 [email protected] M350
Fuller, Mr Will Talent Acquisition Manager +61 8 6488 7892 [email protected] M350
Edwards, Mr Marc Talent Acquisition Adviser +61 8 6488 4273 [email protected] M350
Gomez, Ms Petrina Talent Acquisition Adviser +61 8 6488 1017 [email protected] M350
Teh, Ms Melody Talent Acquisition Officer +61 8 6488 3566 [email protected] M350
Wilks, Mr Adrian Talent Acquisition Officer +61 8 6488 2144 [email protected] M350
Chawke, Ailish Talent Acquisition Officer +61 8 6488 3632 [email protected] M350
Bortolini, Ms Ines Organisational Development Officer +61 8 6488 5380 [email protected] M350
Adeyemi, Ms Adeola Human Resources Officer (Workforce Diversity) +61 8 6488 4214 [email protected] M350
Gallagher, Ms Jessica Organisational Development and Workforce Diversity Manager +61 8 6488 2155 [email protected] M350
Kartah, Sara Contractor/Visitor [email protected] M350

You are encouraged to 'ask an expert' to resolve your HR query.  This means your question, and the response, will be recorded in the AskUWA database, which will help us improve our service by:

  • Identifying the information staff and managers most want to know
  • Providing consistent advice
  • Creating efficiencies (eg developing answers to common questions)