Jobs at UWA

Applying for a job

Further information

In addition, the Human Resources Policies and Procedures Manual has information on the selection process for professional staff positions.

This guide is designed to assist existing staff members interested in applying for a job within the University.

It covers the application process from start to finish.

Selection process
UWA has guidelines for the advertising of professional staff vacancies and for the recruitment and selection of applicants.
Deciding to apply
Find out available positions and if they are suitable for you. Includes special exercises to give you a better idea of what you want from a job.
How to apply
Essential information, including the recruitment and selection process, and some helpful tips when you apply for a job at UWA.
Your written application
Information on covering letters and resumes, as well as tips to make sure your application is of a high standard.
The interview
Find out about how to prepare, the type of questions you will be asked and what to take with you.